For many businesses and organizations, websites function because the hub of one’s digital marketing efforts and are typically the foremost important and sophisticated element of the digital marketing mix. Websites not only have to blend marketing and branding with creative and style, but they need to incorporate user experience, analytics and other technology. As if this weren’t enough, they also must integrate with one’s digital marketing, social media, PR and other outreach efforts.

At Arimkt, we primarily build custom websites to attain all of those goals employing a proven 9-step process developed from our experience in building and managing many websites over the last 15+ years.

Research & Strategy

Step 1 – is to arrange the strategy from any marketing and branding work we do with an audit of your existing website and its traffic (if one exists) to assemble the web site design strategy.

Information Design

Step 2 – In step 2, we develop the location architecture for your site which helps determine a way to construct the interface, where to feature landing pages and the way to integrate design.

Asset Development

Step 3 – Armed with the strategy and site architecture, we turn our attention to developing and organizing the content, images, videos and other creative elements required for the web site.

Visual & Creative Design

Step 4 – Our Design and front Development teams then get engaged on wireframes and graphic designs for your website.

Platform Set-Up

Step 5 – While the look team creates the designs our development team sets up the Content Management System which will power the web site

Website Development

Step 6 – Once the CMS is ready up, the designers, developers and project managers get to figure populating the location with content, imagery and its SEO elements.

Tracking & Diagnostics

Step 7 – Analytics, diagnostics, ranking reports and other tracking programs are installed in order that we will monitor site performance once it’s launched.

Hosting & Ongoing Support

Step 8 – Once your site launches, our team provides hosting, code maintenance and the other facilitate your have to keep your site running well.

Digital Marketing & Outreach

Step 9 – Once your new website is live, we are able to engage in numerous activities to assist improve its SEO or vend with advertising, social media, PR, etc.