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Once a campaign is launched and running, the Captiva team can perform ongoing checks on all campaigns to form sure performance is evidently and identify any issues or opportunities associated with the campaigns. Additionally, monthly reviews and reports are completed to produce data and insight for the complete team.

Data Analysis and Reporting
Frequent reporting will occur throughout all campaigns. Our standard KPIs vary supported the goals of the campaign and delivery channels, but we typically report on both delivery metrics and engagement metrics. These are often diminished by campaign and ad version.

Performance Review
Within reporting and ongoing maintenance of projects, we are going to review performance metrics to confirm that campaigns are running within goal KPIs like CPM, number of impressions, relevance scores, frequency, etc. we are going to then work within our team to form adjustments to bids, audiences, messaging, and other variables PRN to optimize the campaign’s performance. additionally, Captiva does have a fervent representative at Facebook that may help guide us and supply insight on new trends, audience and platform enhancements, and other new opportunities of reach via Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Comment/Engagement Review
While it’s our assumption that internal teams will review and reply to any comments on the ads, we also check ads for comments and engagements to confirm that positive things are being said. If needed, we’ll bring negative comments and reactions to the team’s attention and can make recommendations on the way to engage, (for example, if a billboard should be refreshed to wipe the comments and reactions if the comment thread has turned negative). In general, ads spread faster organically with more comments/reactions and that we will want to avoid wiping comments completely if possible.

Campaign Updates
While analyzing these campaigns, we’ll review the performance of individual ad creative to work out which ads are performing the simplest then make recommendations based upon campaign metrics to see if ads should be paused or which ads should be additional focus.

Implement Recommended Changes
Campaigns rarely are founded without adjustments and that we will work with the team to work out which recommended changes are necessary and to implement those changes on an everyday basis (as directed by campaign performance)