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Having practiced paid search management since Goto.com popularized this advertising method at the turn of the century, Arimkt was essentially founded as a paid search management company. Over the years, we’ve grown with the industry and are now one amongst the highest paid search management companies within the U.S.

Our Approach

What we feel makes us most successful is that while most paid search management companies target dialing every element of a campaign to the Nth Degree, we all know from experience that the overwhelming majority of one’s success and ROI with paid search is decided by alittle number of variables.

By focusing our efforts in these areas, we’ve got achieved incredible results and have managed approximately $100 million in ad spend in our history.

Certified & Proven
Today, Captiva Marketing is one among select group of boutique agencies to attain Google Premier Partner status and that we work closely with our team at Google to optimize our client’s programs and stay current on all of the most recent technology, features and new products.

And, while Google is that the market leader in search advertising, we also are a committed partner to Bing and are growing rapidly with Facebook.


– Leo Burnett

Common Paid Search Management Activities
While the work involved in managing a paid search campaign can vary greatly from one business to a different, here are a number of the common activities related to managing a campaign.

Activities most important to Success
From our experience, there are three key elements to achieving success with keyword advertising


Understand business to a tolerable degree to pick out the keyword phrases and matching methods.


Develop ad copy that highlights our client’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) and engage click-through from relevant searchers.


Ensure ads are aligned with landing pages that properly convey our client’s marketing message and generate conversion.