The information obtained in the Discovery process can be used to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan that will guide most of our promotional efforts.  As a general rule, these plans include an analysis of the following:

Target Market

Information on the size, geography, demographics, behavioral profile, interests, needs, income and other characteristics of your market. 

Product Situation

Information on your products and services especially as it relates to what you consider core competencies.

Sales & Distribution

A review of all current and potential sales channels along with an evaluation of current set-up/activity.

Competitive Profile

We review the information from above and analyze your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to determine any unique selling points (USPs) that can be used to position your products/services against other brands.

Pricing Strategy

In most industries, the price is established by the market and your ability to operate profitably is determined by your ability to operate more efficiently or create value through your unique selling propositions.

Goals & Objectives

While the goal of most marketing is to ultimately increase sales, specific projects often have more targeted goals like launching a new product, entering a new market, growing sales to existing customers, generating new customers, improving brand recognition, etc.

The Marketing Strategy

Armed with this information and your USPs, we can develop the message and determine which promotional channels will be most effective for communicating it.  Budgets and metrics to monitor performance are developed and then we turn our attention to creating your message so we can Promote and Share it.