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Anyone can bid on keywords, but determining the way to design and run campaigns that maximize one’s return on investment takes skill, experience and a powerful knowledge of electronic computer analytics. Our senior managers are managing keyword advertising campaigns since Goto.com popularized the concept in 1999 and Arimkt has managed overrun $50 million in keyword ad spend. We also are among a get group of companies within the us that are recognized as a Google Premier Partner.

The account managers that run or consult on our client’s keyword advertising programs are trained in organic optimization and analytics in order that they can’t only effectively manage keyword advertising campaigns, but also determine how these campaigns fit into the whole computer program marketing program. They use keyword advertising data to guide organic optimization, PR, social media and online advertising activity in an attempt to attain the utmost ROI on the whole program.

Primary Benefits of Keyword Advertising:

  • Top positions on the page are typically reserved for sponsored keyword ads
  • Traffic is easily sent to ANY relevant page in your website
  • Start up costs are low
  • Quick time interval allows it to be used for promotions and time sensitive campaigns
  • Allows one to inexpensively target lower search volume phrases


– Leo Burnett

Primary Keyword Advertising Management Services

To help our clients navigate through the complexities of the favored keyword advertising options, we provide variety of services still as comprehensive monthly campaign management programs. Like all computer programme marketing activities, the method typically begins with a comprehensive keyword analysis and is followed by specific activities geared toward maximizing the ROI of the CPC campaigns. These include:

  • Keyword Targeting
  • Campaign Development
  • Landing Page Development
  • Campaign Management

Activities Most Critical to Success

From our experience, there are three key elements to achieving success with keyword advertising.

  1. Understand business to an adequate degree to pick out the keyword phrases and matching methods which will provide the simplest ROI.
  2. Develop ad copy that highlights our client’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) and interact click-through from relevant searchers.
  3. Ensure ads are aligned with landing pages that properly convey our clients marketing message and generate conversion.