The first step in developing any marketing program – whether traditional, digital or social – is to have interaction within the Discovery process. This process essentially describes the research that we do and therefore the concepts that we draw on to answer these three primary questions.

Who is your target market? Or target markets?

What message(s) do we want to send to these people?

What are the most effective methods for delivering this message to this target market?

Of course, many companies have multiple product lines and specialise in serving numerous target markets, so we’ll often craft different messages for these different markets and use a range of methods to induce these messages out. Other companies come to us just wanting help with SEO, Keyword advertising or kind so we are going to refine this process supported their specific goals and such.

Unfortunately, the invention process differs for pretty much every client so we do not employ a customary process to our thinking. Rather most of this work is completed by our senior team members including Mark Forst and Bill Brasser, both of whom have undergraduate degrees in marketing, MBAs from Washington University and a combined 40+ years within the marketing field.